Indy Koning

About me

My name is Indy Koning. I am a developer with a strong interest in back-end. However i am fully capable of being a fullstack developer. My main strenghts are PHP, SQL, NodeJS and back-end languages in general, I am also quite capable on the front-end, mainly concerning JavaScript and logic programming but i’m capable of doing CSS and HTML as well.

Work Experience

I graduated from college in 2019 in which i’ve had two internships at two different web development companies. They were both focussed on webshops and use Magento.

My first was JustBetter where i did a lot of Laravel work, greatly expanding my knowledge in PHP, Laravel, Vue and linux because i was helping in the creation of our servermonitor which was independent of any api’s of VPS hosts, it only requires ssh and a unix based OS.

My second internship was with MDL Online where i had been gaining a lot of Magento 2 experience.

Right now i am working at JustBetter, Mainly working on Magento 2 projects, however i also do some work on a Magento 1 shop. As well as working on some Laravel shops and applications.

My Skills

Magento 2